Current status of colorectal cancer in China in 2019


Over the past forty years, the incidence rate and mortality rate of colorectal cancer in China have been increasing, and incidence rate has increased by 2 times than that of the world average。

  • On average, one cancer patient is diagnosed with colorectal cancer every 1.5 minutes and one patient dies of colorectal cancer every 3 minutes
  • In China, colorectal cancer incidence rate has jumped to third place accounting for 9.88% of the new cancer incidence.
  • In China, 80% of patients with advanced colorectal cancer were diagnosed at the time of initial diagnosis.

In the United States, the incidence rate of colorectal cancer has dropped by nearly 40% and the mortality rate has dropped by 51%, depending on early screening for colorectal cancer. Due to the lack of awareness of cancer screening in China, 10% of them are lack of medical care. The mortality rate of colorectal cancer patients in China is twice that of the United States.

Colorectal cancer is preventable and treatable


Early screening, early diagnosis and early treatment is the key

The occurrence and development of colorectal cancer is slow and takes more than 10 years. Early detection of colorectal tumors, especially precancerous lesions ( adenomas or advanced adenomas ), is mostly completely curable.Treatment of early intestinal cancer or precancerous lesions is inexpensive, with a five-year survival of more than 94% or even complete cure.
Therefore, colorectal cancer is a completely preventable and treatable type of cancer, and it has important clinical significance to improve the awareness of screening, early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment.

Tertiary prevention of cancer


Current screening methods for colorectal cancer and their disadvantages

Colonoscopy examination

Colonoscopy test compliance is low, colonoscopy doctors are seriously insufficient, medical resources are tight; and patients with contraindications of colonoscopy can not be detected, so colonoscopy is suitable for the diagnosis of colorectal cancer, but not suitable for screening and testing of large-scale population.


Fecal occult blood (FOBT)

The accuracy of fecal occult blood detection is low and the rate of missed detection is high. There is an urgent need for other high-sensitivity detection methods in clinic to detect colorectal cancer earlier and more accurately.


IColocomf®—Detection kit of DNA methylation in feces

Through extracting and detecting fecal DNA, IColocomf® can be used to find precancerous lesions and early colorectal cancer five years earlier. It can find progressive adenoma with the diameter larger than 1cm, so as to block the cancer in the pre or early stage.

Comparison of conventional detection methods


Data source of colonoscopy:Li Cong. Colorectal cancer screening status [J]. Guangdong Medical Journal, 2016 (22).
Data sources of fecal occult blood:Luo Hanqing, Wu Dong, Li Jingnan, et al. Diagnostic value of three consecutive fecal occult blood qualitative tests in colorectal polyps and cancer [J]. Peking Union Medical Journal, 2014 (2): 148-151.
Data source of IColocomf®As of May 30, 2017, a total of 1563 fecal samples retrieved from 1243 negative, 64 advanced adenomas and 258 colorectal cancer patients were tested to evaluate the diagnostic performance of IColocomf®. The specificity was 94.6% (1176/1243), with the sensitivity to advanced adenoma being 67.2% (43 / 64), and the sensitivity to colorectal cancer being 93.4% (241 / 258) (in press).

Comparison of similar product abroad


Cologuard® Data Source: Exact Sciences Clinical Data.

In 2016, USPSTF in the United States included fecal DNA testing in the screening guidelines; in October 2018, experts consensus on early diagnosis and early screening strategy for colorectal cancer in China recommended fecal DNA testing as a screening test for high-risk groups of colorectal cancer.
The sensitivity and specificity of aichangkang? Are significantly higher than those of other domestic inspection methods, almost comparable to enteroscopy, and higher than those of cologuard? Fecal DNA testing products of the United States.

Advantages of IColocomf®

  • Early detection of precancerous lesions
    Precancerous lesions and early colorectal cancer were found 5-10 years earlier, and the cancer was blocked before canceration.
  • Fully noninvasive and widely applicable
    Noninvasive and non-invasive products are suitable for people who do not want to choose colonoscopy or contraindications.
  • Simple and convenient sampling at home
    Sampling can be completed at home, the operation is simple, high privacy, and the detection is completed at home.
  • Accurate detection of standard process
    Standardized testing process, professional testing team, test results more stable.

Intended for

People between 40 and 74 years old, and those who are unwilling to do colonoscopy, contraindications for colonoscopy, failed bowel preparation or failed colonoscopy.



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